vmars7 (vmars7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Changing in Dorm Bathrooms and Sound Worries

 I looked through the dorm questions and didn't see one that specifically answered my questions but I'm sorry if this is a repeat.
I'm going to be a freshman this fall and I'm worried about changing my DivaCup in the dorm bathroom.  I figure I'll keep a spray bottle with me to clean it out when I change during the day and I'll wash it out at night in the shower.  Does that sound like an ok idea?  I'm afraid I'll drop it in the toilet trying to juggle a bunch of things at the same time.
I'm also really worried about changing my cup in the stall when other girls might be around.  It makes really weird squishy sucky sounds and if anyone heard it would be so embarrassing.  Plus what if I accidentally grunt or pass gas when bearing down to remove it.
Tags: cleaning - public, dorms

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