Mia (ankhst) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup comparisons made complicated

Hi, I've made a Cup comparison spreadsheet.

It allows you to sort by any criterion/criteria you wish, and includes other useful bits and bobs that might be of interest. It's a compilation of information from here and around the web, that hopefully makes choosing a cup easier.

I've had to leave the document 'unlocked' for editting, so please revert it back to how you found it so I don't have to keep restoring it. Annoyingly, only one person can really sort at a time, because any changes you make will affect other readers' views too.

To sort, you need to select all the rows you want, go to 'tools' then 'sort,' click 'data has header rows', then choose what and how you want to sort it by.

If anyone knows a file sharing site that will let me upload it, have it edittable for people, but read only (can't save changes), please let me know.

AND if you know of anything missing or wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, divacup, faq, femmecup, fleurcup, green donna, iriscup, keeper, keeper moon cup, lady cup, links, lunette, meluna, miacup, mooncup (uk), mpowercup, naturcup, shecup, sizes/size issues, yuuki

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