slickmariss (slickmariss) wrote in menstrual_cups,

persuading mainstream grocery stores to carry cups

I live in a major city in central Canada. Only the Diva Cup is available off the shelf in a select few health food stores. I chose to buy a cup online. I am now in the process of trying to inform all my friends of the existence of menstrual cups and their unending merits.  For many of them, purchasing online is a deterrent to trying a cup.

It is my dream to have cups more readily available and visible on mainstream retailers' shelves. I have been contemplating trying to exert some influence on major grocery stores like Safeway, Wallmart, Zellers, and Shoppers Drug Mart to sell cups.  Has anyone successfully put in a customer request for a store to carry a menstrual cup?  What method did you use to persuade the retailer?  Any recommendations on what should be said if I write a letter?

My ultimate dream is to have a variety of cup brands available off the shelves; but one step at a time.
Tags: activism, where to buy
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