kimbim111 (kimbim111) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Cup user needs help and advice

Hi Everyone!
I am sure my questions have been answered elsewhere so i do apologize.

I bought a small Diva cup(29 no kids) and i am super excited about it. In august i am leaving to travel around the world for a year and figured the cup is the best option!

I was super excited to start my period this month to try it out.

Every month i have severe cramps. Different tampons cause more severe cramps.

Yesterday was relatively great. only took me 2 tries to get the cup in comfortably. Woke up this morning no leaking cup almost full, right below the top line. Today i have been having really severe cramps. I took the cup out and put a tampon in and the cramps stopped with in 30  minutes.

I read a bunch of the entries on here and tried a few different folds, as well reinserted a couple of times. I used a bobby pin to poke there the holes to try and stretch them a little, and i had to use the bobby pin to break through 2 holes that were sealed.

Any suggestions on how to make the cup more ocmfortable for right now. I think that i may be  hitting my cervix.

Also does anyone have a recommendation on which cup may be the best fit for me. I think that i have a shorter than average vaginal canal.

thank you in advance!!!
Tags: cervix position, cramps, divacup, sizes/size issues

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