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Hide and go seek?

I've had a Diva Cup size 1 since 2005/2006. Honestly I tried to use it a few times after I got it  and it was so uncomfortable I just cleaned it and put it away for good. Yesterday my cycle started and I decided to boil it up and give it another go. Getting it in was very rough, eventually I got the punchdown/origami fold to work and got it in and popped open. It felt fine for a bit then I sat down, and it started "rubbing" in a strange way, so I went and tried to reseat it and it felt a bit better. 
Then I went to the grocery store and while walking around it rubbed so bad, I felt I was being bruised and punched in my ladybits. I figured the clipped stem might still be poking a bit and went upstairs to fix it ... again. Upon bending over i could feel it "reseat" and travel farther up at which time it no longer rubbed. So I figure everything is fine... fast forward a few hours when I decide to remove it for emptying and it has traveled up behind my pubic bone. Unreachable. 
I tried digging in there with my fingers and could not grasp it at all. I tried all different positions mentioned here, bearing down and everytime I could feel it getting sucked back up there. Seems my cervix was made by dyson.
After 20 minutes of trying, I stopped to rest. Then went back to it. After another 20 minutes I started freaking out and even had my husband help me and he couldn't grasp it as now it was up high and I had laid down to try to do some more "exploring" and apparently the cup leaked which made it completely slick and uncatchable. 
Spent another 30 or so minutes trying to get this out and finally decided to try again on the toilet and was able to reach in and bear down and get it out. Even then it kept being "sucked" back up in there. 
My questions are:
a) is this cup too "short" for me? my doctor never mentioned a high/tilted cervix but wtf was it doing way up behind my pubic bone? is this how high everyones sits up?
b) this is the "longest" cup out there, so is there just something strange about my anatomy that this won't work with?
c) how low does your cup sit that you can reach in with more than 2 fingers and grab it? my fingers are short and I could not grasp it with my middle and ring fingers which are my longest fingers. 

I am dismayed. I really wanted to start using this and stop wasting plastic/paper.

ETA: I am 32, never given birth. Not a virgin. And my lady bits are still store from searching around in them so long yesterday :(
Tags: cervix position, insertion, removal
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