vmars7 (vmars7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Poked by stem but I really need it to remove the cup.

I purchased a DivaCup last month and I wasn't able to get it last time.  Finally this time I got it inserted thanks to all the posts on here.  However, I'm still having lots of issues with the stupid stem, which is extremely frustrating since it works great otherwise.  The stem is poking me even though I have it inside enough.  I trimmed a little off but it did no good.  I did read that you can cut it completely off.  However, I am having a really hard time removing it as it is and I don't know what I'd do if it didn't have a stem to help me.  

I thought about trying to insert it higher but it's the same problem as cutting off the stem - I'm afraid of having even more difficulty removing it.  (I can't very well be squatting in a public bathroom.)  I'm wondering if part of the poking problem is because my vagina seems to be slightly crooked so it pokes straight into some of the side.  
Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would love to be able to get it to work since I am allergic to tampons and am so tired of dealing with pads.


 I forgot to mention that I do try to bear down to get the cup to move but it only budges so far.  Sorry :)  Also, I keep pinching myself trying to grip the base.  Does that happen to anyone else?
Tags: divacup, insertion, removal

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