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Yay, they are here! New MeLuna cups.

My parcel from Germany just arrived! I ordered 2 cups (a large and a small one) and a pair of Momiji reusable panty liners.
The good people at MeLuna threw in a  medium cup as a gift (*Yay*does a little happy dance!)!

Love Love Love the pretty colours, they are like flowers! I love the grippy feeling too! I know that the old models were shiny like my LadyCup, and I wanted something different. The are pretty much like the baby bottle teat in material. And they are a little softer than my silicon large LadyCup (that I still love). The small one is sooo tiny! I hope it doesn't get lost in there! I will try it immediately as it is the last day of my period, and I have minimal flow!
The cups, small red with stem. medium orange with ring, and large violet with ring. They seem very sturdy! I will update after I use them!   
Tags: meluna, pads - cloth, sizes/size issues
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