NYCHousewife (nychousewife) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Forgot To Boil Cup After Last Month Use

Hi everybody,

I have been happily using the Divacup for awhile now. I love it. I have noticed that when I tell other women about it, they are often disgusted. Maybe someday many more women will want to be in touch with their bodies more and not afraid to own a body...and accept that it is yours and ok to use it.

That being said!

I took out my DivaCup last month, rinsed it quickly, and set it in the drawer. I forgot about it until today, and it is a bit soiled.

(I know gross) It was the middle of the night last month and I ended up forgetting...

Point is..I did not boil it like I usually do.

I guess I should boil it before using it my next period.

My question is: will boiling kill any germies on it despite it being left soiled for so long?

Any extra steps I should take?

Has this happened to any others?

Thanks so much!
Tags: cleaning - boiling
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