kawhite18 (kawhite18) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Two postpartum periods and serious leaking with Diva cup. Help!

Before my third child, I used the Diva cup, size 2 for around 7 months and loved it. When my third child was 9 months old, I had my first post partum period which was very heavy and my diva leaked something awful. Now I'm on my second post partum period and it's even worse! For one, the bleeding is horrible. I fill the diva and soak through a pad in 2 hours. Obviously that's an overflow problem. However, I'm leaking even when the diva is 1/4-1/2 full. Here are some things I've found:
- the opening of my cervix is about 2.5 inches up from the entrance, so that doesn't seem terribly low
- I've tried the diva super high and super low. However, even when it's pretty high, the stem is still right at the opening and I've trimmed about half off. It doesn't bother me at all.
- I don't seem to be having problems inserting it. Usually I get it up around my cervix and give it a good spin. It seems completely open.

Is it a problem that I can remove the diva cup so easily? I hear of everyone else having to break the suction, etc. I just very lightly squeeze the base and it pops right out with no problem. Is mine not getting suctioned in there properly? I'm just so frustrated. I HATE tampons and don't want to go back to pads. I LOVE it when the cup works, I just can't get it to! What am I doing wrong?
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