whuaat (whuaat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

NEw and need help

Hello, greetings to all you wonderful people out there to share and help.
I am so eager and determined to use the cup, but unfortunately it has not been going well for me. I read through the site where i gained much new knowledge, yet my concerns have not been answered and found that some topics were helpful, but lacked details or links.

my problems: moving up and leakage.

I started with the diva 1, thought the issue was too small. I then tried Instead, that moved all the way up too. Now i have diva 2 and still moves up. I have played around to find the "seal" and well, it just seems that  I may not fully understand, even after reading the directions and postings from the community and looking at images online, how to insert or what exactly i should be feeling. I have a very deep cervix and i have been attempting to understand all those amazing muscles that make this work. it seems when i think of holding, gripping there is strong suction upward.

any support and advice is greatly appreciated.

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