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27 June 2010 @ 01:10 pm
So this is my first post and I have to say I love my cup!

I got it a couple of weeks ago and did a couple of dry runs when I first got it to try to get used to putting it in and taking it out prior to wanting to wear it when my Depo Provera ran out so that I could wear whatever I wanted.

Well, I got  to that point this past wednesday and I had to go to a Bridal shower yesterday, and was wearing a white dress, and was staying at my friends place, and because I know it has been sealing (the normal discharge is being caught) I wasn't afraid of starting up again while out because I was covered, without issues of TSS and putting in a tampon when I wasn't on it, or wearing a pad and getting hives (disposables have latex in them, who knew?!) so yes, I love love love my Diva cup!!!!!