Pelia (victimuspersoni) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first time user long time no period!

I need help. Serious HELP.

backstory -
I was originally on seasonique. 4 periods a year. Great. GREAT FOR SAVING MONEY!
It worked great. Super great. Now, I am on Yaz. Now, starting the week after this one (Sunday) I will be starting a period monthly again.

I am 24, had my first child one year ago..
I have a small vagina and i am totally confused about the vaginal canal is short. I understand the stems can be trimmed..but, how big is the cervix after childbirth?! The cups look so big in pictures, and I am worried that if I invest in this method of menstrual cups I will be disappointed. Tampons bother me so i've been straight using pads for 4 times now since i've had a period for a year now.

So, twenty-something mothers with small birthing canals what do you prefer. The moon cup or the diva?!

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