fireflamespark (fireflamespark) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hello all!!

I'm a member of this community on my personal journal, inchoate  and love it. I use a DivaCup and have converted several of my friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my divacup and am so glad I found this community about a year ago.

I'm posting here, hoping this is okay, to invite anyone who would like to friend this new journal I just created. I track my cycle in a distinct style that was taught to me by a dear friend, different than traditional natural family planning. I have used paper journals, excel documents, and casual tracking on my personal LJ. I started this journal, fireflamespark , as a dedicated place for me to track my cycle. I hope to post every day but I am currently a full time student at the Culinary Institute of America, so things get a little bit crazy sometimes.

I hope that some people make their way over to this journal. Feel free to friend this one or my personal one - I love connecting with people who have shared interests!

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