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1 Year later

Hello Everyone!

Well this is officially my first actual post - but it is about time!

It was about a year ago is when I found out about cups and stumbled upon this glorious community! Since then I have been mostly a lurker with a few comments here and there but today is the day to share my story. =)

Right - So about a year ago I was searching a camping gear website for toiletries items (porto showers, etc) when I stumbled upon the strangest thing... the "Diva Cup". I remember staring at it for a little while before clicking it, almost afraid of what I might find. I read the description about how it was useful for camping and made periods more manageable when in the great outdoors. I thought "wow, thats kinda cool, too bad its just for camping".
I scrolled down the page and read some of the user reviews, cause you know - I was skeptical, and well, how can it possibly work... right? Well you can imagine what I found; gushing reviews of how great a product it was and how these women had taken to using the cup every cycle, not just when camping! So that got me thinking, and thats when I googled "Menstrual cups".. .and well, we all know what site pops up first when you search those two words.

I was immediately sucked in - and since it was summer, and I was on break, i had the next four days to spend pouring over this awesome community, youtube, and brand websites. I had all those questions you have when you know nothing about cups, but I found all the answers here, and more... and when I stumbled upon the brand comparison, I immediately began deciding just which cup I would buy.

And buy one I did. The small Lunette is what I chose, based on its capacity and smallish size for that capacity. And since Im a virgin (but also 23) and have a heavy flow I thought the size would be just right.

It finally came and I was super excited to try it for the first time. The first day of my period, I was sold, never would I be going back to tampons. Even though I hadnt gotten the knack yet and I had some spotting for the whole cycle, I knew that my life was new!

It took me about 3-4 cycles to really get the hang of it, but I havent leaked once ever since. I used to go through a heavy tampon every 1.5-2 hours... and now? Im free the WHOLE DAY even on my WORST day. *Hallelujah Chorus* I also love rock climbing, yoga and aerobics... and now I have NO FEAR! I would even do the splits on my heaviest day and be completely confident! Cups are a REVOLUTION! But you all know that, dont you? =)

So, ever since then I have been slowly spreading the word to the other women in my life and today was one of those days!

I work at my college in a variety of jobs, and one has me involved a lot with student life, so Ive got some great friends in the student life office and decided today I would tell them about cups. Well, you know that feeling haha, not knowing if they're going to give you "the look" or if theyre going to get curious and want to know more. Im so happy to say that when I opened up my computer and showed them images, and a couple youtube videos about cups they got really excited and have both decided to try them out! Success! Now maybe we'll even start an awareness campaign at my school for all the women! Wouldnt that be amazing?

I love you all for sharing all your wonderful information about these awesome, life changing products! Keep spreading the word ladies, every day someone new finds out about cups and it can change their life too!

Bring it on, period. :)
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