rolleda20 (rolleda20) wrote in menstrual_cups,

shiney new meluna

Hey all, just got my new cup in the mail. I got a medium red meluna with the ball stem. I think I'm retiring my Femme cup as the time it takes for me to get it to open properly is frustrating.

Luckily, im in the middle of my period at the moment (never thought I'd say that lol) so I boiled it straight away and popped it in.... and I'm very impressed. I found it easy to keep folded until I wanted it to open, and it opened straight away. Its comfortable, and I had a play with it and I'm fairly certain the ball stem was the right choice. No stem poking me, but enough to hold on to for removal.

Ill do a better review in a few days, and hopefully ill have my laptop fixed so I can post some pics. For now though, many thanks to Theresa at Femininewear, for sending it to me so quick and for the sweets and the pen!

Also, my usual end-of-cycle cleaning (for my mooncup and femme cup) is to soak them in a soloution of water and Milton steralising tablets, then put them in my window in the sun for a day... I know the meluna is a different material, so should I do something different with it?
Tags: cleaning, meluna

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