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Selene and Safety

Hello all,

I've been reading this forum for quite a while now, and it greatly influenced my decision to try a small lunette cup a couple of months ago. I'm loving the cup, but some days my flow is very heavy, so I have decided to get a large as well. Here's the catch -- I really, really want to get a Selene. I love blue, and I generally feel the world would be a better place with more blue in it! =) Also, it would make it very easy to tell my cups apart, even when I don't have them side by side.

However, I am wondering about the safety of a colored cup. Obviously, I don't think there are any long-term studies of silicone cup safety, and by extension, none for colored cups. I know the dye is FDA approved for medical silicone, but let's face it -- plenty of things with FDA approval have turned out to be less than totally safe. Also, FDA approval has some odd loopholes. I've been searching for information for a while on this, and haven't found out very much. From the Lunette website, it doesn't seem like the Selene is sold in Britain, Norway, Sweden, or Germany (that I can tell), but is sold in France, New Zealand, and Finland. I find that a little odd, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Any ideas? I really want to get the Selene, I'm just worried I might end up regretting it later. I'm also very prone to yeast infections, and wondering if a dye might aggravate that.

What do people here think? What have you found, what have you heard from others who use the Selene?
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