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virginity and cups

I want to share my story for those who are still considering the cup. I was 25 and virgin when I first tried a cup. I had spetate hymen, that's why I waited so long for buying the cup (I was concidering it for allmost 3 years). Finally I bought the small Mooncup UK.  And yes the removing was painfull, very painfull.... I went to the gyno, and she confirmed my self diagnosis and said they would only do surgery if the "normal way" fails, and be prepared for mayor pain at the first coitus because of my strong hymen (thank you - my hymenal cord was allmost as thick as my epiglottis). Obviously for this reason she did not do a check up. The weird thing is that my hymen just magically disappeard for the next period (no masturbation, or any other kind of vaginal activity), no pain or blood ....  Since then i'm a happy cup user, doing OK with the big yuuki...
Tags: mooncup (uk), success stories, virginity, yuuki

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