greenlivinmomma (greenlivinmomma) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need help!

 This is my first time to this site so I am still trying to navigate my way around here, I apologize if this exact situation has been posted.

I received my Diva cup before my last menstrual cycle and tried to use it. It was extremely uncomfortable(almost painful), gave me cramps, I could feel it when I would sit down. I tried it a couple of different folds, but it just doesnt seem like I can get it up high enough. I have ran it under cold water first, tried letting it open and then push up, tried keeping it closed until as far as I can get it and then letting it open, made sure the holes were free of anything, trimmed the stem, ect...  I gave up after the second day and decided I would try again on my next period. Fast forward to this menstrual cycle and same thing! 

I bought the size two as I have had two kids, but I am not even close to being 35. Is it just too big? Is there another brand that is smaller/shorter that might work better?

I want to love a menstrual cup but this one doest seem to be cutting it!
Tags: divacup, sizes/size issues
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