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Advice for going forward

Until this month, I had been a Paragard + small Diva Cup user. The Paragard failed. Now I'm looking for advice and hoping that I'll still be able to use this (or another cup) combo in the future. 

I got the IUD 2.5 years ago. I did not start using the Diva Cup with it until a few months later, after I had gotten an ultrasound to check up on the IUD's position. They said it was a little low but seemed to be working so it should be fine. I then started using the Diva Cup w/out problems until now. 

I had another ultrasound done last week to check the position and they said it was low, and that this was likely the cause of the pregnancy. 

My thoughts: 

1. I don't want this to happen again. 

2. I really, really love my Diva Cup and really, really hate the idea of giving cups up altogether. 

3. Switching to another form of BC is even less desirable to me, so the Paragard is non-negotiable. 

4. It's possible that my use of the Diva Cup interfered with the IUD.

5. It is also possible that it did not, and that the position of the IUD 2.25 years ago was the same as it was last week, and I didn't have any problems until then because of timing or something. 

So, what would you recommend? If I could get someone to look at both ultrasounds side-by-side and they saw that the position hadn't changed, would you think I could still use the Diva Cup? 

If it had shifted lower, is there another kind of cup that might create less suction? 

Help will be much appreciated! 
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