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Seriously feel like givin up now guys

I made a post a few days ago asking about the failure of both my diva and my meluna. it was posted after the first day of my first period with my new meluna and it was leaking like crazy. Everyone came to the conclusion that the diva was too long and the meluna's capacity was not enough, causing the cup to overflow quickly. I decided to wait till the end of my period to judge the Meluna. The end is here. And i am depressed.

The diva(small) and the meluna (medium)behaved exactly the same, leaking without fail everyday till the end. on the lightest day, when the cup barely has anything in it, LEAKAGE! i have to be wearing a pad/liner every single day till the end. I must be doing something wrong. The diva and meluna are competely different to me, i cant understand how both can fail in the exact same way. I have been using cups for a year now and i have never gone a day without needing a pad or liner(on light days).

I am so discouraged, if i dont figure out a way to make the cups i have work for me i am going back to tampons (which dont leak) because i have to be spending money on disposable methods anwyway. I don't live in the US and i'm young so i dont't have my own credit card. exchanges and new purchases would have to be done through my mom who doesn't even agree with me using cups in the first place.

I believe you guys that the diva was too long. But the meluna leaking every day PUZZLES ME. i am at a loss.

back to tampons... :(
thanks so much for all the help and encouragement.
Tags: cervix position, divacup, leakage & spotting, meluna, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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