silverback_les (silverback_les) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Go DivaCup!

Hello All! Just thought I would share some news....

I wrote to Divacup and asked them some questions about TV advertising and when they might be able to get a commercial up. I also asked them if they would ever consider offering a military discount for women in the service and well, they went a little crazy! They were so nice and engaging to me about being a Army cup user and asked me to offer them some suggestions on how they could better identify soldiers for the sake of a discount and which military blogs they should be reading and keeping up with. They requested a testimonial and a picture for their blog and will be posting it on their site. Pretty neat! Best of all they are sending me six free cups for me to distribute to other female soldiers so they can test it out! I was actually quite surprised that the owners of the company extended their support and have gone out of their way for soldiers, but they did. I felt I had to report this to the LJ community and tell everyone how awesome they have been to me. Go DivaPeople! Lol!

Tags: customer service, divacup
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