moonlitedance85 (moonlitedance85) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup issues after childbirth?

I bought a Lunette cup(Lg) 2 years ago. I had already delivered my first child. I never had any leaking issues EVER. I later bought a LadyCup(Lg) & once again I've never had leaking issues. In April'09 I got pregnant again with my twins. I delivered them in Nov'09. I've just stopped breastfeeding & started taking birth control. My first period since birth just started & I tried to use my Lunette cup. Over night I have not had any leaks but during they day it keeps leaking. I tried my LadyCup & I have the same problem. I know having kids can change things down there (I'm sure twins more so) but I LOVE my cups and its killing me not to use them during the day because they keep leaking. I've tried everything to get it to stop. I know I'm putting it in right. Has anyone else had this problem with there cups not working right after having a child?

I also have to add I had a c-section (did dilate to 6cm though). So all "should" be normal. I just dont understand why my cups keep leaking when I've NEVER had this problem before. They seem to work fine at night but whenever I'm in a sitting position to long they leak like crazy. I do feel like maybe my cervix is a little lower then before but could that really effect my cup?

I'm just so upset my cups are leaking I missed using them so much & then to have this happen makes me mad. Does anyone have tips to make it stop leaking? Help!
Tags: leakage & spotting, postpartum
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