hedvig72 (hedvig72) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Rookie here!

Hi everyone,
Hedvig here, new to the business :)

I'm using my very first Lunette (smaller one) my very first time ever - and it fits me like a glove, both literally as well as metaphorically!

For the longest time (years) I was a skeptic and chickened out - although the curiosity towards menstrual cups never faded...finally I saw an ad on a Finnish site for these things and decided to overcome my fears and give it a go, success or fail!
I always promote the ecological lifestyle in every possible aspect, so I thought it seems a little bit hypocritical if I don't even TRY this and then speak from experience, regardless which way it ends up (the experience, not the cup - I can READ :)

So, out I went, got it, am using it - and am super-pleasantly surprised! Too bad I didn't muster the courage earlier...

Only question is; (probably answered at one point or another already, but...) is it my imagination or does the cup cause extra pinching sensations in the lower abdomen? It's not the general menstrual cramps, feels more like it might after a pap smear?

Anyway, thanks for many informative posts, great thing I found you!

Tags: first time use
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