inthemoonshine (inthemoonshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which is more important the right angle, or a cup's position relative to a cervix?

Hi, I wonder does the angle still matter  if I insert my cup correctly relative to my cervix position? I mean I might be not sure if I angle my cup correctly relative to my tailbone/rectum, while I might know for sure I insert my cup right under the cervix.

In the past I constantly experienced leaks with my Diva Cup, now I got a small Lunette Diana, did a few dry runs and it felt good, but I'm very afraid that leaks might repeat during my period.
I used to know nothing about cervix positions when I used DivaCup, so it might have been the reason for leakage back then.
And now I think I know enough about it, but I also read the angle of insertion relative to a tailbone/rectum is a very important factor too.
So i'm a bit confused and not sure If i'll be able to insert the cup correctly in terms of my cervix position and at the same time correctly relative to my tailbone or rectum. Sounds kind of complicated.

Can anyone give any advice? Thanks.
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting
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