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Large Diva vs. Large Lunette vs. Large Selene Lunette?

I'm new here, but I've been using my (large) Diva Cup since 2003.  I used Insteads before that.  Anyway, the reason for this post is that I've been having major leaking issues with my Diva lately.  I first got my Diva after my second baby was born and thought it was great.  Because I don't get my period for a year+ while breastfeeding, I only had about 2-3 cycles between pregnancies.  My Diva worked great, no leaks.

I got a Mirena IUD five weeks after my last baby (almost 2 years ago) and didn't have periods with it, but I swapped it for a Paragard two months ago.  I've used my Diva for my last two cycles, which are now VERY heavy.  I've been having MAJOR leaking problems, which is frustrating and inconvenient.

After reading a ton on this site today, I've tried some different folds, which seem to help.  I'd always used the C fold before, but the punch down and 7 fold seem to be better.

I'm still wondering about trying a different cup, though, and think the large Lunette looks like a good option.  The Diva has always felt rather long to me, so the thought of a wider, shorter cup is appealing.  

My questions:
  1. Is the Diva Cup softer than the regular (clear) Lunette and is its softness part of the seal/leaking issue?
  2. Despite being stiffer, is the Lunette comfortable?  Its stiffness is an aid to proper opening and seal, right?
  3. Is the Selene version of the Lunette soft?  Or is it stiff like the regular one only blue?  The Selene is pretty, but if it's not going to resolve the leaking/opening problem, would I be better off getting the regular Lunette?
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, heavy blood flow, iud, leakage & spotting, lunette

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