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Not strictly related to cups...

How many of you that use cloth pads travel with them? I'm going on a three-week road trip this summer, and I should be on my period. I can fill up my diva cup in a couple of hours on my first day, so I've been using cloth pads as a backup. I'm not sure if I should try to bring them on the trip or just buy organic cotton disposables. I would just hand wash them in the hotel sink the same way I wash them at home if I was just going with my mom, but I'm pretty sure my aunt and brother would both freak out if they walked into the bathroom and found cloth pads hanging out to dry. Can I put them in a bag after they're dirty and let them sit for a few days until I get home? Or should I rinse them before I put them in the bag? I'll be on my period towards the end of the trip, but I'm still having reoccurring nightmares about them growing mildew and other junk on them while sitting in the bag.
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