penguinkim (penguinkim) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user questions..

So, I'm currently on my second cycle using my small LotosCup :)  I really like it, but I have a few questions.

On my first day it seems to fill up within 30 minutes!!  I've never considered my flow heavy because I can usually get by wearing a pad for about 7 hours on my first day.  But, I also noticed that my flow seems much more clotty than it normally does.  I've had several very large clots...which I don't think I usually do.  Of course, I know I'm not used to seeing in this form rather than absorbed...

So, could using a cup make my flow heavier and clottier??

Also, I have no trouble with insertion except the fact that it doesn't always form a perfect circle once it's in there.  I feel like it's all the way popped open and sealed, just not round because of suction.  So, do I need to make sure that it is all the way circle?  Or can I leave it squished a bit?

So, since I am seeming to have such a heavy flow, I was thinking about getting a small Lunette to wear on my first day since it's capacity is almost double that of the small Ladycup.  Any thoughts?  They seem to be similar in size as far as length and width, but I guess the body is a different shape.  Does that make a difference in comfort?

One last thing :)  I am having alot of pain when I remove my cup.  I'm pretty tight up there so I can't really get ahold of the cup enough to squish it and take it out sideways...are there any other options??

Thanks for all your help!
Tags: heavy blood flow
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