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Sweet success!!

I made a run up to the Whole Foods yesterday morning (managed to a get a ticket right outside the parking lot - "What, officer? My registration expired last week? I had no idea!") and picked up a large Diva. I had to wait until after lunch when I was finally home to try it out. The leaking with my Keeper had just gotten worse this period, which has been one of the most unpleasant periods I've dealt with in awhile. The first thing I noticed is that the squishy silicone is waaay more comfortable than the stiff rubber of the Keeper, both during insertion and during normal wear. I wore it all afternoon and overnight. Now it's morning - no leaks!! Success!! I have my step class in about an hour, so I'll see how it holds up to lots of bouncy exercise, but the prognosis looks good! I'm so happy!

I'm definitely going to try and return the Keeper, since I'm still within their three month "test" zone. I've read that a few of you have had trouble with the return process. Anyone manage it successfully? Anything I should know?
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