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So far so good. Finally got my replacement Meluna 8D

Hi! It's my first cycle today and I got my new small ball stemmed Meluna just last week! (Here was my old post They sent me a small red, and a medium purple one! They are so nice! ^_^

I gotta say, compared to the horror of the medium, the small meluna was really nice! On my dry runs, they popped open nicely and the ball stem was a good anchor when pinching and pulling out the cup so I didn't have to struggle for hours removing it.

So yesterday was my first day and I have relatively light flow. I was surprised how watery (?) menstrual blood really is and it was comfortable and all...

But today is my heavy flow and to top it off, I'm at school T_T

So, I left it in from 9am-12 noon, and by then I could already feel it leaking a bit so I was forced to go into a stall and empty the cup. I was surprised how much blood there was!!! My hand was covered in blood and the toilet looked like I killed somebody in there (luckily all the blood was in the bowl and I didn't get any on the floor or walls...) It's good that I had tissue and wet wipes on me because it looked horrible... @_@

I don't have that big an issue with removal anymore (doing well so far after the dry runs) but there is one problem that seems to irk me... On my dry runs, it was relatively easy to pop open the cup, but on my period, it's so difficult! I dont know if its because my cramps are crushing the cup but it takes a long time before I pop it open... I've had the most success with the punch down fold, but I try C-fold and 7-fold too. Any tips on how to make it pop open more easily? The entrance of my vagina is relatively small and I can barely get my fingers in to feel around. Not only that, but there's an annoying flap of skin which I think is part of my hymen. The cup just stays folded while inside and I take it in and out repeatedly until it just pops open... @_@

I'm also looking to buy a higher capacity cup because even if the small Meluna is awesome, it fills up too quickly (I don't want to use my medium one because the width is just way too much for me). I'm looking at Lunette or Fleurcup... Fleurcup has a really lovely black one (and red, which is my favorite color but I already have a red Meluna) but Lunette looks prettier in form. Also, the colored ones are more expensive than the clear one... Should I opt for the Fleur instead since it is slightly cheaper and comes in my fave colors?

PS. Update on menstrual cup thesis: I was unlucky enough to have a different professor from the one I signed up for (evil uni shuffled everything)... Instead of letting me make a menstrual cup and pads, this new prof wants me to work on a Typography magazine or Philippine superstition... Which I am already cringing about... ARGH!!! I'm guessing it is because he doesn't want to deal with feminine hygiene products... *grumble* Oh well, I will appeal to him again next meeting. Wish me luck! (My post about menstrual cup thesis here:
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