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help deciding...large Fleurcup or Large Lunette - any for sale?

I need help deciding between Large Fleurcup and Large Lunette (sz 2). I've been using a Diva sz 2 for at least 6 months and the length is too long. I'm in the US and would also love to hear from anyone that might have either cup for sale.

Here's my ealier post regarding some issues I've had with the Diva:

Although the dimensions on the Lunette and the Fleur are the same (both larges), I'm concerned about the stiffness of each. I like the flexibility and softness of the Diva and would like something very similar that is shorter in length. I'm leaning towards the Lunette as it sounds like the Fleurcup is pretty stiff. I don't have a big issue with the cup popping open.  I've read this forum for hours now and find there are many people liking each.

Lastly, it looks like feminewear is the best place to buy either, living in the US ?

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