Jenn (nakedfaery) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Roadblocks to sort of newbie cup user

I used menstrual cups for several years in the past, of varying different kinds. I only stopped using them because I suctioned out an IUD with one, and when I got my next IUD I didn't feel comfortable using it.

Then various gynaecological problems happened, resulting in that for nearly 2 years I've felt unable to use a menstrual cup. The one time I tried it was really uncomfortable. I'm finally feeling healed enough inside and fed up enough of using pads (even cloth ones aren't that great in the summer when you have heavy flow) that I decided to try a cup.

I went for the medium meluna because the small definitely seemed like it'd be too small and slip down, and the large looked like it'd be uncomfortably big. The ball stem appealed to me and I've read it's the most squidgy cup. The wider rim should mean it'll stay in easier, but it's not as stiff as the mooncupUK which pressed uncomfortably on me.

The first few times I tried to get it in, it just wasn't happening. I think nerves/fear etc meant I was clenching up, as I couldn't even get it in me. Eventually, I managed whilst sat on the toilet. I'm not menstruating atm, I wanted to do some dry runs so I'd be back in the groove before my period started.

The problem I'm having now I've finally managed to relax enough to insert is as follows:

I can't seem to find a fold that means it stays closed long enough to insert it and then pops open easily. If I use the punch down fold it goes in fine, but then won't open. The c fold is definitely way too big. The 7 fold seems to be the best one for size purposes, but then when I tried to use that it popped open really early and that HURT.

The MeLuna only has two small holes and seems to have uber suction. When I finally managed to get it in (albeit too low) it had formed a really tight seal which I just could not break until I'd pulled it far down, and that HURT too.

I've been using water to ease it's insertion, but I think a lubricant would help. The only lubricants I have atm are oil based though and I'm not sure if they're safe to use with TPE.

Please help with suggestions, even if they are that I'd be better off using a different cup!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems

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