teleskimama (teleskimama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new cup recommendation.....been using Diva sz 2 for 5 months

Hi Ladies,
I have been using a Diva sz 2 for about 5 months. Even though I have loved using a cup, I think that it doesn't fit me correctly as it occasionally leaks and sometimes almost falls out (slips down and I can't seem to get it to stay)! I definitely cannot imagine running with it in as I feel it sliding down. This only randomly happens, not all the time. It is surprising that it slides down at times as I felt the suction was very strong in the beginning. 
I am 38 and have given birth to 1 sweet boy 4 yrs ago. My cervix does seem to be very low at menstruation start, and then moves up. I have a fairly moderate flow, and have never overflowed the diva. I have totally trimmed the stem down and ONLY use it inside out. I have not had any problems removing it inside out. The stem irritated me way too much the right side out. Therefore, I would like one with a shorter length but not sure about diameter since I've had slipping. I am in US. Possible MeLuna? Not sure about sizing, medium or large?
Thankyou for any help!!
Tags: sizes/size issues
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