sillydraydray (sillydraydray) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Waaaayy to many brands Please help me!!

So I've been looking for a menstrual cup for a whilre i really don't know which brand, heres what I've got so far if it helps:

My cervix is low right before my period
I can always touch my cervix so I guess I'm pretty short
I'm 17
I live in the US so idk if everything is avalable here
and that's it I've looked at ladycup, lunnette, and yuuki but I'm up for any suggestions, I don't want to feel it in me but idk if i'd have a problem with any brand I've never had a cup so please I'm not just looking into those brands and I really want to know anyones opinions I'm also looking into Meluna but anything would help =]] thanks in advanced

Edit- About my flow on the first day I need to change a super about 4 or 5 hours but it's not all the way full i you know what I mean, and the other days I can pretty much wear a regular for the full time
Tags: buying decisions

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