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Uhhh... Is that ok?

Ok, first I want to thank ya'll for helping me along with this. Menstrual cups really really helped me. Before, I was scared of lots of things and skipped going to fun events because of my cycle. But the cups have helped stop that, now I'm not so scared anymore :D So thank you for helping me figure out how to use them.

Second, I have another question. I lost my first cup after a few months of use. (And fell just short of tearing my room apart to find it. I still haven't found it, I think either my mom or I might have accidentally thrown it away.) Anyway, I got a new one, and it was fine, Just like a brand new cup should be. I used it once, still fine, but the second time, when I was done using it on the last day or two, it started to stink and the liquid was coming out slimier. I just cleaned it and put it away for next time. Well, I've taken it out again, and it still stinks. I washed it again. Still stinks. Washed it again. Still stinks.

I can't figure out why. I use the Alcohol method to clean it, make up removal square (Small and brand new each time, I have a pack of a few hundred, so yeah.) drench it in cleaning alcohol, thoroughly rub/wipe it clean, let it dry, rinse well. Thats what I did with my old one too. never any problems. Also the tail end of my cycle is VERY light. So sometimes on the last day or two, I empty it at night, and don't empty it again until the next night. (And there won't be much at all in it.)

Is it possible I cleaned it incorrectly and it's like decomposing now or something? Alcohol is supposed to be safe to use with medical grade silicone isn't it? Any idea what might be wrong and whether or not it is still safe to use?
Tags: cleaning - smells

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