Rune (flyffe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

FleurCup now available WORDLWIDE!

Hiya all :)

I seem to be becoming a sort of spokesperson for FleurCup developments... But anyway, as the title says, FleurCup have just announced they're available worldwide! Maybe they'll finally do the sensible thing and send some cups to the awesome reviewers this community boasts...

Teresa from is currently awaiting a shipment with ALL the new colours, and because both she and her website are brilliant and provide sterling service I would recommend you order from there (she sends candy and cool pens with every order and generally makes her customers feel really special :D), but I guess if you can't wait one or two days to get your mitts on one of those smokin' hot red Fleurs, maybe head over to the company's own website and click on one of the cheesy flags for some slightly off-kilter English.

Merry cup fun to you all :)
Tags: fleurcup
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