hellgamatic (hellgamatic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Holy Cow!

 So it was storming, I was outside watching, and hubby turns off all the lights and calls me inside. I figure there's something neat to see, but no, he wants sexin. We get going and he sits on the couch and I get on top of him, we start going, things are good, we change positions a few times and boy is it just the BEST we've had in like 2 years. Everything finally gets over and something feels funny, so I reach up inside to figure out what's going on...and there's my cup, so high up I can only touch the ball stem, hangin out. I had TOTALLY forgotten it was in there, and apparently hubby didn't notice it at all, just that there was more sensation. One more reason I love my MeLuna!
Tags: meluna, sexual activity
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