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cramps and leaks only during the first 1-2 days

Hi everyone ;),
I (26 years old, no childbirth) have been using a large Lunette for almost a year now, and right from the beginning it's always been working perfectly during all of my dry runs and on my lighter days, never had a single leak and no discomfort. But I have yet to get through the first 1.5 days of my period without any complaints.


The first problem is pain. With tampons I would get bad cramps every 2-3 cycle, but with the cup it's been every month so far.
I don't think it's because I hit my cervix while I'm inserting the cup, because I already make sure to let it open as close to the vaginal opening as possible. Also, last month I finally cracked and switched to a tampon for a few hours, and 15 minutes after I inserted it, the pain got better, that seems to suggest that it's not a single moment triggering the cramps, but rather the constant presence of the cup.
So I figured either my cervix is generally too sensitive for any cup up there during the first day, or maybe it's specifically the pressure of the rim. If the latter is the problem, maybe switching to a cup with a softer rim could solve the problem?

I've read on here about people with a sensitive cervix and whose cups worsen their cramps, so my question is, has anyone of you tried a different brand/cup with a softer rim and found that it was easier on your cervix and helped with the cramps?
And which cups would that be, that have a softer rim than the large Lunette? From what I can recall, the Lady Cup and Yuuki are supposed to be softer, but I don't know about their rims...?


The other problem I have are leaks on the 1.5 days of my period. Since it works flawlessly on all the other days of my period, I don't think that I put it in wrong and it's definitely not residual blood. I'm also pretty sure my cervix is in the cup, I don't have x-ray vision ;) but whenever I feel around the rim of the cup, all I can feel are the vaginal walls and the "bottom" of my vagina. I've also tried pushing the cup up as far as possible after insertion, to make sure that my cervix slides/gets pushed into the cup, in case my cervix was resting on the rim of the cup, but I still got leaks.
I've also tried different folds, but they all open up nicely and therefore don't seem to make a difference, and all of them leaked anyway.
Also, my cervix seems to be a bit lopsided, but I don't think that's relevant?
I know I could simply change the cup more often, but sometimes it starts leaking after 5 hours, then again after 2, and with tampons I always had a solid 4 hours, so anything below that isn't worth it.
And since, as with many women, my cervix is the lowest on the first two days of my period (I'd say 4-4.5 cm from the entrance) the most likely suspect right now, is my cervix taking up room in the cup. I almost always get a leak whenever the blood reaches the first measurement line, so that seems to support that theory.
But, sometimes the cup leaks even earlier, I haven't really kept track of my leaks from last year, but the most recent example would be a leak at circa 5mm below the first measurement line, which is like 6 ml I think? Now, I'm already sceptical that my cervix takes up enough room in the cup to make it overflow at the first measurement line, so anything below that seems even more unrealistic. I mean, it simply doesn't feel that big when I feel around it. And one time during removal, I've even simulated the cervix pressing up the blood in the cup, by putting several fingers into the cup when it was filled to the 1st measurement line, but the blood didn't rise that much actually. And I've read from other people with cervixes lower than mine, that are able to fill a Lunette to a higher mark than me.

So I'm pretty much at a loss right now, because I can't seem to figure out the cause of the leaks. So all of you with a rather low cervix, that use a large Lunette, how much space does your cervix take up in the cup, i.e. at which point does it start to leak? Maybe it is actually plausible for my cup to leak at 6 ml?

And if my cervix is indeed taking up all that room, what kind of cup should I purchase, that could have more capacity (and preferably a soft rim, see above)? From what I've heard, the large Lunette already is "the cup to go" for people with a low cervix and the need for much capacity.
And I'm not sure there's enough room to fit in a longer cup like the Diva comfortably, considering that my Lunette already takes up pretty much all space during those "low-cervix days".
The only other possibilty would be a narrower cup, although my cervix feels pretty slim, so I find it hard to imagine that it wouldn't completely fit into a cup, but who knows ;). So yeah, which narrow-bodied cup has a soft rim?


I'd be really happy about some input, because each month I'm excited at the prospect of finally solving the problem and everytime I end up being disappointed and increasingly confused.
I'm also sad that the Lunette seems to be the wrong cup for me, because I love so much about it, the flexible and solid stem, its surface, it pops open easily...oh well :-(
Tags: cervix position, cramps, leakage & spotting
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