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Which cups have suction that's easy to break?

Hey guys,

I've been a DivaCup girl for about 2 years. I just got a Paragard (copper IUD) about a week ago, and I'd like to switch cup brands. I like the Diva, but my vagina's pretty short (cervix is never really out of reach), and my IUD's strings are long (and I'd like to keep them that way to avoid poke-age of the male half of the equation). I'd prefer a shorter cup, but with similar capacity to the small Diva, and most importantly - I would like the suction to be easy to break. I'm going to have to be a lot more careful with removing my cup once I have my IUD, and some cooperative behavior on the cup's part would be appreciated. My Diva has bad moods where it likes to pretend it's a plunger, and that's not cool with IUD strings in the equation.

From what I've heard, the biggest contributor to the suction being tough to break is the holes being small. What cups have bigger holes, and/or have easily-broken suction?

I've heard the Lunette does, but are there other good options?
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