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I'm a Newbie

So basically I got my cup today! Unfortunately I was one of those silly people who went and bought a Diva cup assuming it was the most widely used, and thus safest and best, one. Silly me.
Alright, so the first thing you need to know is that I am a virgin. And my reason for getting the cup is because I just generally despise tampons. I've never really been able to use them. I probably just put them in wrong and felt all faint afterwards and jumped to a TSS conclusion... but anyway. To me it just seems like, you wouldn't just randomly shove a bunch of tissues into your vagina, so how is a tampon okay? but about the cup...
After three failed attempts of actually getting it inside, I realized very quickly that trying to push a strange rubbery object into my vagina makes me have to pee. Immediately. I'm going to guess that the cup isn't fitting me right. I did successfully get it in once, but it was not comfortable. And the darn tip I couldn't get a grip on to remove. I don't know about you guys, but I guess I just haven't gotten used to foreign things sitting in my vagina... I don't know. Is that normal for someone who isn't used to it? It seems like even teenagers have very little issues in this aspect.
Anyway, I have a few questions I hope you don't mind me asking. What exactly is the deal with cups and TSS? I researched it a little bit and found out that there have not been any cases that anyone is aware of. And that it most often happens with tampons of high absorbency. But I also read somewhere that there is still a risk that is higher than 100% cotton tampons. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Also, I looked at the sizing chart you have on this site. You have a list of each of their dimensions and say to check to see how big your vagina is, but just how much smaller than the length of your vagina should the cup be? (it doesn't go around the cervix after all)
Personally I know that my size fluctuates one heck of a lot during a month. I mean, I'm at the end of my period now and it's only 45mm, but I absolutely know that sometimes my cervix is so far in that you can only just brush it with the edge of your nail. I'm guessing I should still buy a small one? If anyone has a suggestion for which one I should buy next, (I think I definitely need something softer, and, at the moment, I don't really care much about a little bit of leaking.) it would be greatly appreciated. A retailer as well. I bought my diva on amazon.
Thanks so much for your time everyone! I haven't given up yet! I think cups are great because they stretch out your vagina just enough to make your flow much more steady. (Though I guess that's my own assumption since I'm yet to get this to work)
Blah, I better stop before I fill up an entire page. Oh gee, I already did. Well thanks again!
Tags: health risks, sizes/size issues, tampons, virginity

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