leia149 (leia149) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ideas? Leaking

 Hey, I've been using cups for about 3 years now.    I'm 27, no kids.   My flow isn't bad, I've never filled a cup more than halfway in 10hrs.

I started with a small Diva.   It was a bit long for me, never comfortable.  Worked great for a few months then leaks.      I switched to small Ladycup.    Great to use, but after a few months it leaked and the suction was kinda strong.      I got an IUD in the last year or so, so super suction scares me.
Now I'm using a small Lunette.   It was perfect for a while - now leaks.        The leaks hate me!

It leaks minimally (but still does) in normal use - grrrrr still need dark panties all week.   When I go to the restroom and pee, you can watch it drip out.  Every time, even when the cup is empty.

I'm hesitant to buy another cup, but this is annoying!!!!!!!!!       Maybe I've matured to the "grown up" size?
I'm half tempted to order a large MeLuna to try just because it's an inexpensive try.
Tags: leakage & spotting

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