dancer69566 (dancer56669) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Difference between Ladycup and Divacup

I started using my small lady cup two months ago and LOVE it. (I am 19, not a virgin, never had kids). I can't feel it when I'm wearing it and it is really comfortable. I would like to try another cup that is bigger for my heaviest days. I have a hard time popping open my lady cup sometimes and it is slippery so it can be difficult to remove. 

I am thinking of the Diva cup because it has so many good reviews. It is really big so it will hold a lot more, and frankly it would be really convenient because I can buy it in the store instead of online. I'm not sure if I have a long or short vagina. After feeling my cervix I am estimating that it's about 2 inches inside.

Has anyone used both the diva cup and lady cup? Thoughts?
Tags: brand comparisons

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