nursebounce (nursebounce) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Too many choices!

 Hi :)

So I was thinking about buying a menstrual cup (hence why I'm here!) and up until tonight had only ever heard of the Mooncup (UK Version, since that's where I am).  On a whim, I did a Google search to see what others were available and was presented with a plethora of choices, and now I'm struggling to choose! Could anyone help me out? I'm 19 yo, sexually active, no children, using oral contraceptives, I have a high cervix (been told so by gyno), fairly narrow vagina and heavy, painful flow. Any ideas? I was liking the look of the Ladycup and the Lunette but would love to hear the opinions of some of you ladies who have actually tried them!

Thanks :)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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