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Already a cup user, but have some questions

Firstly, I swear I'm a real person.  I have no LJ entries because I only registered for the menstrual_cups community.  That said, hello everyone!

I've been using a small Diva Cup for about a year and have had no complaints other than sometimes it makes me feel like I have to pee when I don't.  I'm guessing this is from pressure either on my urethra or the urethral sponge.  I'm wondering what cups wouldn't do this - as in, do I need it to be a smaller diameter or just a shorter cup?  I know no one here knows my specific anatomy, but I would love if anyone could give me a general idea.

I'm happy to be here!

ETA: This pressure also results in UTI-like symptoms, so I'm thinking from the comments I need maybe a small Lady Cup?  I'm just worried about the capacity for the first heavy day of my period.

ETA again: I bought a small Lady Cup.  I have never even filled my Diva 1/2 of the way, so I figured a small would be better.  Also, I want the shortest and squishiest cup so that I don't have the urethra issues.  I am going to keep my Diva for my only heavy day and use the Lady Cup the rest of my cycle.  Thanks everyone!
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