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cup sitting low post-pregnancy

I have a smaller sized Mooncup (UK) which I have used for a couple of years and have loved it and had no problems with it. However, I have just started using it again following a pregnancy and seem to be having problems.

I gave birth (vaginally) two months ago, and have just started my second period since the birth (no time off for me!!). I didn't use the cup for my first period as I was worried about pain (I had a small tear at birth).

I managed to get the cup in last night with minimal pain (and the pain I did have was most likely because I was tense), but it seemed to be sitting really low. I could get my finger in and push it up as far as it would go but it would just push itself back out again. It ended up so that it was sitting so low that the bottom of the cup was almost down at the entrance to my vagina (I have no stem).

After fiddling about with it I did manage to get it to stay high enough to leave it in over night and there was no leakage, but it's still sitting really low and I can definitely feel it inside me, which I never could previously.

I know it is suggested getting the larger Mooncup for after pregnancies, but I can't imagine the larger one would resolve this problem....

I know the cervix does move up and down a bit throughout my period, but I'm near the beginning of my period, which is when I thought the cervix was at it's highest....

Help? I REALLY don't want to not be able to use the cup.
Tags: mooncup (uk), postpartum

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