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First time with a cup - issues

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I used a menstrual cup for the first time. I use a Ladycup size S, since I have a small and tight vagina.
I was a bit scared about how deep it should go inside, but even though I tried to put it lower it kind of always ended up in the same spot.
Basically I feel a small discomfort while I am sitting because I feel the tip of the cup pointing and kind of stinging inside. Do you know what I can do so the tip of the cup won't sting while I am sitting?
Also I am not sure if it is ok how I am removing it. I pull on the tip, while pushing my vagina muscle outward, until the cup comes out. I feel a bit as if because of the suction, which I think does not break until the cup comes partially out, my entire inside(cervix, uterus,vagina walls) gets pulled outward, and I am wondering if this is ok? I tried squeezing its base and rotating it, but it hurt, it felt as if I was tearing the vagina walls.
In the first day I took it out about 5-6 time during the day, and now on my second day I feel a bit of a burning sensation inside my vagina, and I don't know if this is ok. Maybe I should use some lubrication gel?
Beside that I think that at least the entrance to my vagina is swollen, because it's tighter than normal, I can hardly fit my finger.
Is this normal for a first time use? Does it get better with time?

Thank you,
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