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My experience with Insteads, post MoonCup (US)

I've only been a Keeper MoonCup user for about 9 months, and I have to say, I love it. But, in November, I got the Implanon arm implant, and my periods were reduced to irregular bleeding, only lasting a couple days, and very light. My cup was rather unnecessary, except during the "breakthrough" bleeding, and it felt just too large for what I needed.

I decided to grab some Insteads when I saw them at a pharmacy. I figured they'd be good to carry around in my purse for any unexpected breakthrough bleeding, and I could pass them on to friends when they needed a menstrual product. I had some breakthrough bleeding a few months ago, and tried one, and kind of failed with it. It's not like a cup; insertion is a bit different. It pressed against something up there, not my cervix, closet to my pelvic bone, which was really uncomfortable. I ended up having some leakage, and since I was at school, disposed of the thing and tried again, following the instructions on the box a little better, with some more success. Some leaking, but not so much that I couldn't get through my shift at work before going home to my cup, and it didn't hurt. Fast forward a few blood-free months, and I get my period again (probably triggered by stress). I realized I left my cup at the house I just got evicted from, and I'm not going back to get it. Sucks that I'm out $30, but I can reinvest in a cup with a different stem if/when I get more regular periods again. I tried an Instead, and it's working great. I discovered I had to squat almost all the way down to get it positioned correctly, something that might make people uncomfortable in a restroom stall, but not bad. Getting it out was a bit trickier. I had to get my finger inside the rim to pull it out, but again, wasn't too bad. Rinsed it out in the shower and reinserted it. I think I'm getting better at this.

So far, for what I need, I like the Instead cup. It's easy and convenient to carry around, and I can share some with friends who are interested. Because it's disposable, it's not very eco-friendly, but I would never suggest anyone rinse it out and clean it with vinegar so it's reusable I do like that it's disposable though for events where I may have a YI or other vaginal funk that I don't want to re-transmit to myself through a cup that I may have not cleaned properly, though I'm pretty sure I cleaned my cup properly when I had it.
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