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All hail the cleaning powers of baking soda!!! also, question about tea.

 So, I have been using my Mooncup UK for a little over a year now and a few months back, I took it out and it suddenly had dark red/brown stains around the rim and stem. Ugly to the point that I wouldn't want to show anyone my cup. I had boiled it and washed it (but not scrubbed it) with soap but the ugly discoloration was still there. But yesterday, I was here reading about someone who had suggested, but not tried, using baking soda. 

I got a microfiber cloth and some baking soda in a wide mouthed shallow cup. I wet the cloth and sprinked some bs on it and started scrubbing. the stains started coming off like magic and ten minutes later, my cup looked like new! I turned it inside out and cleaned that too. I also used a small toothbrush and bs to clean the words and crevices. The only places I couldn't get clean were the holes, and the inside of the stem. But it is so much better!

After this ritual, I put my cup with some water in a never-used mug in the microwave for five minutes. When it was done boiling, I put in a bag of herbal tea to convince my mom that I was "just making tea". I'm not sure if this was a bad idea, but I let it soak in the honey ginsing mint tea until the water was cooler and then took it out. It smells really nice now and I rinsed it off afterwards. What do you guys think?
Tags: cleaning - stains, cup pouch & storage
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