Erika (phoenix2muse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette and Diva leak on my heaviest day - please help =)

Hi all,

I've been using a Diva Cup for about a year. This is the experience I've consistently had:

First day - NO leaks, leave it in for four to six hours and when I empty it it's half full or a little more
Second day (my heavy flow day) - It's half full after an hour and starts to leak
Third day - completely depends, if I'm still having a heavier flow day it will leak when the cup gets to be about half full, if it's a lighter flow day I can leave it in for several hours, empty it when it's half or more full with no leaks
Four day and beyond - NO leaks. Again, I can leave it in for hours and it might be more than half full when I empty it.

Since the Diva Cup says you should replace it after a year (question... do you really have to?), I researched a bit and decided to try a Lunette cup. This is my first cycle on the Lunette and it works just like the Diva in terms of when it leaks.

Here's my question: WHY does it ALWAYS leak on my second day? I would understand if it was full but I always empty when it's about half full. I would also understand if it leaked all of the time because that would obviously mean I'm putting it in wrong or not getting a seal. I have a hard time believing that after a year of using it I always put it in wrong on the second day, only sometimes on the third, but never on the others. I'm confused and would really appreciate any suggestions. =)

Thanks so much for your time!
Tags: heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting

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