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My First Time Use- Small Ladycup

I'm brand new and trying out a cup for the first time- not to mention coming straight from pads to a cup what a change!
Let me give the rundown:
I am 23 and a virgin. I have never worn a tampon. I bought a ladycup and to figure out how to angle it correctly used a finger first. Finally after a few tries I figured out a fold that lets me insert it with zero pain, I was pleasantly surprised on that account. I did find however that Melissa from menstrual cup info was correct that the Ladycup can be a little tricky to remove- any ideas or tips how you get out the Ladycup or another smooth bodied cup?
I love my Ladycup it suits me perfectly I'm just looking for tips on how to speed through the "learning curve" of cup introductions.
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