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choosing the right cup


I am new to cups and have already read the sizing charts and tried to find the answers in other posts, so I am sorry if I have missed them.  My main questions are about sizing and one question about cleaning.

I am almost 20 and had a miscarriage four months ago, not sure if this counts as having kids or not, is it the pregnancy or the birth that is a consideration?  On my heaviest days my cervix is very low, to the second knuckle of my middle finger, while on lighter days can just barely reach my cervix.  The past few months I have used 2-3 super tampons on light days and 5-6 on heavy days, so I don't want a cup with too small of capacity.

I have been looking at the LadyCup, I don't really know why but I keep going back to it, but the small does not have enough capacity, and the large seems long and I'm not sure if the width would be a problem or not.   Can I still use the wider width if the miscarriage doesn't count as having kids?Is the length too long for my heavier days when my cervix is low?  If I can't use the large LadyCup can anyone suggest another one.

As far as cleaning goes, can anyone recommend a good method for cleaning during my period, I have lots of sensitivities to beauty products, so is their a cleaning method that is hypoallergenic and very mild.

I hope I have given enough information and any advice would be helpful.

Tags: cleaning, sizes/size issues

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